Pime Head Shot.jpg

Nashville Artist

Singer / Songwriter

Pime Hernandez is an up and coming singer songwriter whose country music delivers everything that is as promising as he is. This Florida born native has won over the city of Nashville by taking the country music scene by storm. Pime’s music hits home with all audiences as his songwriting reflects themes of vulnerability and emotion that anyone can relate to. He is honest with his listeners by opening up about the trials and tribulations of life including love, heart break, and hard work. Being the gifted writer he is, it is no surprise Pime (Pea-May) held membership with the esteemed National Songwriters Association International (NSAI). As a member of NSAI, Pime became deeply inspired to release and share his music with the world, leading him to where he is today. By looking at the magnitude of growth from the start of Pime’s music career in July of 2019 when he released his first single, “Settin’ That Dial (On My Radio)” to now, his dedication and drive are evident. When he’s not songwriting, you are sure to find Pime either honing his craft of carpentry or enjoying time with his family. As a true family man who knows the value of hard work, Pime Hernandez is a genuine symbol of what country music stands for.